Ray Robbins

With over 40 years of sales and marketing experience, Ray Robbins is an industry leader. He's spoken and lead teams worldwide and helped thousands of folks achieve greater successes in business and life.

As the co-founder of a network marketing company, Ray has helped build a distributor base of over one million people. As the top money earner in his own company, Ray has been recognized as the #8 Lifetime Earner in MLM's across the United States. He most recently served five terms on the Board of Directors of the publicly held network marketing company he helped found. Ray is a consummate network marketer who is confident, hard-working, enthusiastic, and loves sharing hope with others. He still travels the world extending greater health, prosperity, and purpose to others because he truly believes in the business opportunity provided by network marketing.

In his personal life, Ray is the father of 3, grandfather of 7, and lover of all. As a Vietnam veteran, Ray earned the rank of Major for flying helicopters and was highly decorated. He is an active member of the community — receiving honors such as the Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and has a passion for serving others through his church. Ray is affectionately known to many as, "The Road Warrior," the "ultimate hugger," and "Pops."

World class speaker on direct marketing and sales.
Ray Robbins

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